Senior Audio Programmer - Edinburgh

Immersive ambient soundscapes and satisfyingly interactive sound design are essential in bringing our expansive open world to life, and audio programming is critical to achieve that.

Working closely with both sound designers and the code team, you will help design and implement audio systems, integrate and manage our audio middleware, and be the key link between sound designers and the inner workings of the game. A large part of the role will involve high-level game code, working across the entire codebase, but there is also scope for writing custom DSP effects. Along with fulfilling a technical role, you will be a core member of the audio team with huge scope to shape the overall sound and feel of the game.

You will be joining the studio at an exciting time, as we scale up to develop an ambitious and groundbreaking open-world game. The role brings with it great scope for career growth and the satisfaction of making a significant personal contribution to a high-profile project.

We believe in iterative development, and you will need to be comfortable working in a fluid environment with competing demands. We also believe the best games are made by diverse teams, and we welcome and encourage applicants of all backgrounds.


  • Help design audio systems that meet technical and production requirements as well as delivering great-sounding audio.
  • Work with sound designers and other programmers to integrate sfx and music into the game.
  • Integrate and manage our audio middleware.
  • Create custom audio effects.


  • Strong C++ skills.
  • Expert knowledge of a modern audio middleware solution such as Wwise.
  • Expert understanding of the technical limitations of videogame audio, for example memory budgets and channel counts.
  • Strong communication skills, and comfortable working across multiple departments.
  • Videogame audio programming experience, including having shipped at least one PC/console title.
  • Experience creating DSP effects is desirable but not essential.


This full-time role is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Please send your covering letter, CV/resume, and showreel where available, here:


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